Corporate Mission Statement

“Strive to exceed client’s expectations at all times in all phases of the construction process.”

Everything we do, all the time and effort we put into our work, like a laser, is focused on achieving this mission. 

As a matter of policy, VCS accepts only as many projects as our principals can oversee. The result of our focused commitment is the achievement of our mission.

Achieving Perfection

Thinking you have achieved perfection breeds arrogance and complacency. While we at VERUS Construction Services strive for perfection, we know there is always room for improvement. We maintain an open mind and a constant desire to learn and improve.

Building Trust

At VERUS Construction Services, we not only build construction projects, we build trust. This is evident in our list of repeat business clientele. Our proactive approach, attention to detail and overall determination to achieve perfection are evident and the reasons our clients place their trust in us.

What is also vital is building trust within the sub-contractor/vendor community. We make it clear; we are not in the business of putting sub-contractors out of business. Our sub-contractors/vendors trust that working with us toward the common goal of achieving our “mission” will result in greater long term profitability and security for them. By leveraging our in-house expertise, state of the art technology, our strong relationships with the finest sub-contractors and vendors in the industry, VCS ensures our projects will be completed on time, under budget and with consistently superior quality. 


VERUS Construction Services maintains, adheres to and strictly enforces corporate policies to ensure the highest level of moral standards and business ethics such as the following


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