All clients are unique. All projects are unique. Every project requires a different approach and strategy from pre-construction planning to final close-out. At VERUS Construction we understand the importance of listening to our clients and their consultants. We go to great lengths to understand what is being asked of us, what the design intent is and what the clients’ specific needs are. Asking questions up-front ensures there are no surprises and the project cost is kept within budget. Our approach is also based on the mindfulness that our role in the construction process is controlling cost, schedule and quality. Giving our clients the precise blend of these three facets is what makes projects successful.

Quality Control:
We take a proactive approach to quality control.

  • All vendors/contractors go through a detailed pre-qualification process in order to work for VERUS Construction.
  • Vendors/contractors have specific strengths and weaknesses. We make sure the vendors/contractors are a perfect fit for the specific project.
  • Provide the finest supervision. The superintendent assign to a project is responsible for daily inspections of workmanship and material quality. The superintendent also makes sure the overall day to day performance of the contractors meets our standard of professionalism.
  • Formal “Quality Control” inspections are conducted by our QC Department. QC Reports are distributed to the project team tracking deficiencies, potential problems, safety issues, the actions to be taken and schedule to resolve such issues.
  • Shop inspections: We insist on knowing the status and quality of manufactured products first hand. We review shop drawings at the vendor/contractors manufacturing facility before commencement of production, making sure the raw materials meet our quality control standards and during production, ensuring the products are manufactured meeting the design intent.

Cost Control:
We partner with our clients and their consultants:

  • We perform detailed in-house estimating.
  • Working with our clients and their consultants we provide budgets with astounding accuracy and speed. We produce preliminary conceptual budgets long before design documents are started.
  • As the design progresses we update/fine tune the budget accordingly.
  • We offer value engineering alternatives, never compromising the esthetic architectural nuances of the design, which results in substantial savings for our clients.
  • When the design documents are 75% complete we convert the preliminary budget to a final “GMP” – Guaranteed Maximum Price.
  • Obtain the most value for the dollar; or as some say “the biggest bang for the buck”. Having an excellent reputation in the industry has given us a depth of resources that is second to none. Contractors are eager to work with us. This results in aggressive competitive bidding, allowing the savings to be passed on to our clients.
  • Cost reports are produced and reviewed with our clients and their consultants on a regular basis. This keeps the project team informed on all financial activity as it relates to the budget. (see exhibit “A”)

Schedule Control:
One of the most important tools required to manage a project effectively from pre-construction through close-out is the schedule (see exhibit “B”)

  • By use of sophisticated project management and scheduling software we are able to monitor all activities/disciplines involved in the project including client and consultant activities.
  • Entering key mile stone dates and building the schedule around these dates allow us to determine the critical path of the schedule/project ensuring the completion date never changes.
  • The schedule is used to prioritize the decision making process.
  • The schedule is also used to project resource and cash flow requirements. This gives us a clear understanding of the amount of manpower required at any given time and gives our clients advanced notice of when funding must be made available.
  • We conduct manufacturer shop visits and inspections on a regular basis. This ensures that the long-lead items for our projects are in production according to our project schedule. We are of the mind-set that “seeing is believing. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate. We have worked successfully with clients and consultants whose main offices are located as far as the west coast; by use of digital photography and reporting by way of electronic correspondence it was as if they were on site every day. The tools and systems that we use are created to assist in communicating with all members of the construction team and to control/manage our projects from field construction and financial standpoints. Enclosed in this section are samples of some tools we use that are, as always, subject to change to meet client’s and project’s specific needs.


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